Shoes maketh a man; is a term that we have all come across once in our lifetime. Even psychology says that if you want to judge someone for the first time take a gander at their shoes. Because almost all of us spend a great amount of time on our looks and our outfits. But shoes that’s one thing we just take out of the closet and just put it on without a second thought, because who’s going to notice anyway? But the bitter truth is everyone notices them, especially at your work. Having the right pair of shoes for you daily work schedule is just as important as having a proper suit in your closet.

People may be well versed in buying the perfect clothing apparel for themselves, but if you don’t have any idea about what type of shoes to wear at your workplace, then this is the perfect blog for you, here is a list of must have shoes for your everyday office wear.


Comfort and style are the two most important thing a shoe must consist of, since you’re going to be walking around in them for an entire day. This is an aspect one must account for when purchasing the perfect shoe. The Dr Martens (plain toe derby) is just the perfect choice for you, if you wish for comfort and style. It can go along with any of your dress pants, chinos & even ripped jeans, bringing out the best in your outfit.


A little more stylish than your everyday formal shoes, and a lot more comfortable, can sit well with any of your desired business casual outfit and you can even get them at a great deal of discount with the clarks discount code, making them a perfect choice to opt for if you’re shopping for a great pair of shoes under a budget.


Now these may be a little bit pricy, but the amount you pay for them goes along way, sleek style, good foot support and the perfect formal shoes that you must have. The reason for that is because these warren cap can go along with any of your desired outfit and can truly compliment any suit you may be wearing.


Don’t desire that stiff formal footwear look, instead want a comfortable pair that you can wear to any occasion generally. Then this is the pair you invest your money in, having them in a dark color like blue is just what you need. Not only will this pair inflict a great deal of decency in your outfit, but once you slid your feet inside them and walk a mile you’ll understand that these aren’t just for show.


Planning a formal get together with your colleagues, but can’t decide what to pair your stylish jeans with? Tod’s is the way to go. Their unique leather design and a dark brown shade is just what you need to parry with a dark black jeans. Best of all theirs an additional advantage to having them in your closet as well. No matter what the season may be summer or winter this is one of the perfect footwear that’ll help you look fabulous and will provide you with the perfect protection while climbing on a rocky terrain.
We all know that finding the right shoes for the perfect outfit isn’t an easy task, but if you’re really looking to step up your dressing game. Then we recommend that you follow this list because not only are these fabulous pair of shoes comfortable but have the perfect look that’ll suit any outfit of your desire. Plus if you’re looking for a great deal on similar shoes like this, then do take a look at Clark’s.

Their esteemed website has almost a variety of footwear suitable for men and women. Plus with the Clarks Voucher Code you’ll also be able to avail a great deal of discount on their products too.